Some Emmerdale cast members are up in arms and threatening to walk out in disgust at a new plot involving a sexually transmitted disease, according to a newspaper report.

The Daily Mirror claims the show is being turned into a laughing stock.

Apparently, the cast and crew revolted after the filming of a scene involving OAP character Douglas Potts (Duncan Preston) scratching himself after contracting an STD.

An insider said: “This has to be the tackiest soap story of all time. Duncan was horrified. His character has casual sex, ends up getting crabs and is seen scratching himself in the corner shop.

“How can this possibly be suitable for a 7pm audience?”

The insider continued: “Some people are so unhappy they are seriously thinking of throwing in the towel.”

The Mirror reports that there is growing disenchantment with Emmerdale series producer Anita Turner.

“It is not the happy place it used to be,” the source said.