strong>Emmerdale star Dominic Brunt has insisted that the soap is not trying to outdo Coronation Street ‘s tram disaster with its train crash storyline.

The plot will see Marlon, Paddy, Aaron or Jackson fighting for their lives after their van veers on to a train track on the way home from a night out.

Corrie’s 50th anniversary story, due to be screened in December, will see a tram crashing into the street, although it is unclear which characters might be killed or injured.

However Dominic, who plays Paddy, denied there were any similarities between the two.

“I feel the crash isn’t the story at all,” he said, “it’s just the catalyst that starts the real story. The stunt in Corrie is the story. That’s the difference.”

And producer Gavin Blyth agreed. “We’re two months away from Corrie, so our planning was practically a year ago for this. It couldn’t be any more different.

“Theirs is a tram, yes, but ours is away from the village. This is the start of the story, it’s the one thing I can’t stress enough.

“It’s nothing to do with Corrie or what they are doing,” he added, “which I’m sure they will do fantastically well. We’re our own show with our own stories and this is the start not the end.

“This is just an event which signifies the start of a hugely difficult story.”