Emmerdale danger alert! Jai could return to his dark side to get Sam out of Megan’s life…

Uh-oh. That kiss between Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye) and Sam Dingle (James Hooton) on Friday night is going to cause all sorts of trouble – and we fear sweet Sam will get badly hurt.

It was a very emotional episode, with Megan and her newborn baby’s father, Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson), reeling from the news that their little girl could have brain damage after her traumatic birth.

Sam kissed Megan – and could have dug his own grave


Sam has been at Megan’s side through her pregnancy as she fought to keep Jai away, scared of what he would do to get his hands on their child.

We all saw how dirty he played with Rachel Breckle, mother of his son, Archie and how, eventually, he lost that fight.

Jai’s only just cleaned up his act after using cocaine and has told Megan he’s a changed man… But signs of the old Jai appeared when he found Sam with Megan at the hospital.

Jai didn’t see Megan crying on Sam’s shoulder, see her kiss him on the cheek to thank him for his support, or see Sam misread the situation and give Megan a full-on kiss… 

Sam wants to look after new mum Megan and her baby… But can he?


But Jai saw their closeness and he didn’t like it.

What he also didn’t see was that Megan felt uncomfortable about what happened with her and Sam.

“I know I’m not the fastest or the smartest but you can rely on me,” Sam told her. “You look after the little ‘un and I”ll look after you. I’ll look after both of you.”

But from the look on Megan’s face, she doesn’t want what Sam wants.

And Jai definitely won’t want what Sam wants.

“It’s about family now,” Jai told Megan, after he asked Sam to leave them alone.

Jai wants Sam nowhere near Megan and their poorly newborn daughter


“He’s not very good at taking a hint, is he?” Jai said to Megan. “He doesn’t know when to back off.”

“He’s a good man,” Megan told Jai. “You have beaten me down so much… Is it any wonder that I have to lean on Sam? Go! I don’t want you here! You want to do something for our beautiful baby girl? Then leave us both the hell alone!”

Jai did leave and then broke down at home, desperately worried about his baby girl.

Jai breaks down, terrified his baby girl has brain damage


He won’t want to be pushed away from his daughter now. So, what will he do to make sure he can be close to her?

Is Jai going to quickly return to his dark side to put Sam in his place, which he thinks should be far away from Megan and their daughter?

Or will Megan let Sam down gently?

Either way, Sam’s going to get hurt – a lot.

Emmerdale continues on ITV, Monday, March 7, 7.00pm.

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