Emmerdale: Debbie’s putting Pete first, even ahead of her kids, says Charley Webb

Emmerdale’s Charley Webb has revealed Debbie could risk losing her kids because of boyfriend Pete Barton.

Debbie’s ex Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) is fighting her for custody of their kids Jack and Sarah, because he is not happy about former drug dealer Pete (Anthony Quinlan) living with them.

“Andy doesn’t really know Pete – he could still be selling drugs, and he could have them in the house with the kids,” says Charley who, as mum to four-year-old Buster, can see Andy’s point of view.

“I think any parent would be worried, and Debbie knows that. She understands what Andy’s saying , but she’s putting up barriers – she doesn’t want to show any weaknesses in front of him.”

And, blinded by love, Debbie intends to keep Pete by her side, even if he’s harming her custody battle.

“She knows there is more of a chance that Andy could take the kids if Pete is living with them,” adds Charley, “but she’d rather they faced things as a team than handle it on her own.

“She wants Pete by her side throughout this battle. As fas as she’s concerned they’ll be stronger if they stick together against everybody else.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV, Monday, November 24, 7.00pm.




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