Emmerdale fans left horrified by ‘unfair’ Liv Flaherty sentence

Shock at Liv's punishment

Emmerdale viewers thought Liv Flaherty was punished far too severely as she was sentenced to four months in a young offenders unit – and they couldn’t believe she got a harsher sentence than Gabby Thomas.

The pair were in court following the debacle which saw Lisa Dingle hospitalised after being spiked with ketamine.

The whole thing was Gabby’s idea and was meant to be a joke played on her mum’s boyfriend Daz. Gabby stole the drug from Vanessa’s vet bag – but it was roped-in Liv (played by Isobel Steele) who put it in the drink.
And a string of factors – including Liv’s solicitor making a complete mess of her defence – left Liv heading to a young offenders unit, a verdict blasted by many Emmerdale fans.

“How can it be right? It’s so unfair I don’t even know where to begin,” said one, while another wrote: “Way too hard. What the hell… Gabby got community service?”

Another pointed out that it was only Liv’s first offence. “Too hard. It was Gabby’s idea and she was the one whole stole it. Liv should of been given community service, especially as it’s her first offence.”

Many were also angry at the solicitor’s handling of Liv’s case. And Liv was left the broken by the shock sentence.

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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