Emmerdale fans praise acting of young star Isobel Steele as Liv Flaherty is arrested

Liv and Gabby mistakenly spiked Lisa's drink with horse tranquiliser. Viewers admire performance of 17-year-old Isobel Steele

Emmerdale fans were left “heart broken” as Liv Flaherty was arrested in tonight’s episode after her latest prank with Gabby went horribly wrong, landing Lisa Dingle in hospital – but they praised the acting of Isobel Steele, who plays Liv.

Despite her brother Aaron pleading that it was nothing to do with her, the police told Liv: “We are arresting you on suspicion of theft and administering a noxious substance.”

One fan commented: “My heart is broken… Poor Liv. But brilliant acting Isobel Steele.” While another said: “Amazing performance Isobel Steele… poor Liv.” Another commented: “Isobel Steele is smashing this story, she is phenomenal!”

While many were worried for Liv, some thought she deserved to get arrested and that it might teach her a lesson. “So glad she finally got arrested it was not fair for Gabby to take the fall both girls should get equal punishment.” Another said: “Everyone saying poor Liv okay so you think it’s alright to spike someone’s drink. It’s NOT she deserves everything that’s coming to her, it should be more like poor Lisa.”

Talking about why Liv would do something so stupid, Isobel recently said in our interview: “Liv knows it’s wrong, but she wants to please Gabby after their falling out at Liv’s 16th birthday party. When Lisa keels over, Liv feels extremely guilty.”
Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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