Emmerdale fans ‘want Marlon and Laurel fling’

Emmerdale stars Charlotte Bellamy and Mark Charnock have revealed that fans of the soap would love to see their characters have an affair.

The pair’s alter egos Marlon Dingle and Laurel Thomas have begun to realise they have feelings for one another – and the actors told the TV Times that viewers are desperate for them to get together – even though Laurel is married to Ashley.

“I was with my kids in the bank and this woman asked: ‘When are you and Marlon going to get together?'” Charlotte admitted

“My seven-year-old son thinks I’ve got lots of friends. He knows I’m married to somebody called John (Middleton who plays Ashley) on the telly and it’s going to mess with his head when Mark gets involved.”

Mark added: “I’ve had lots of laddish comments like ‘Ooooh the vicar’s wife!’ and women say things like ‘You naughty boy’.”

The pair even confessed that their own mothers would like to see them get together on screen.

“My mum said ‘They should have put you two together years ago!’.” Charlotte said, while Mark added, “I think my mum would be fully supportive of Marlon’s attempts to lure the vicar’s wife away from him.”

And while they both admitted that filming kissing scenes was strange, Charlotte said, “You just have to get on with it.”

“I’m not one of those hunks who has loads of kissing scenes,” Mark pointed out, “but I don’t mind them. It’s my job.”