As Ryan Lamb’s murder trial draws to a dramatic conclusion in Ememrdale, ITV has filmed four different outcomes to be screened exclusively online.

Although viewers won’t find out Ryan’s fate until next week, Emmerdale fans will be able to watch four special scenes showing different endings of the episode from this Thursday, 21 October.

The alternate scenes show: Ryan being found guilty of murdering his father Mark Wylde by the jury; Ryan being found not guilty; Natasha confessing at the stand that she killed husband Mark; and Maisie, Ryan and Faye celebrating outside the court.

The actual outcome of the episode will be screened on Tuesday, 26 October at 7pm when Ryan learns whether or not he’ll be spending his future behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit.

Emmerdale producer Gavin Blyth says: “The alternate endings we filmed earlier this year for Mark Wylde’s murder proved hugely popular and it seemed fitting to treat viewer to a similar experience for the culmination of the story. Hopefully the extra content will enhance their enjoyment of the episode, when Ryab learns his fate.”

You can watch each of the alternate endings from Thursday 21 October on

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