Emmerdale actress Fiona Wade has revealed how people expect her to be just like Priya, with one ex-boyfriend even suggesting she should be more like her!

Emmerdale actress Fiona Wade has revealed how people expect her to be more like her on-screen character Priya, with one ex-boyfriend even suggesting Fiona should be more like her alter-ego.

Fiona has played flirty Priya for six years, and in that time her love live has been at the centre of more than a few shocking storylines.

Since she joined the show, Priya’s been in a wedding dress three times, although she’s only made it up the aisle once.

The latest – an affair with her best friend Leyla’s fiancé Pete – comes to a head this Wednesday when the couple’s wedding is due to take place.

It’s a will-they-won’t-they drama that’s had fans gripped for weeks, and hasn’t exactly shown Priya in her best light, but speaking to the Daily Mirror, Fiona was quick to jump to her character’s defence.

She said: “Pete needs to take his share of the blame too! It’s so often all blamed on the girl in this situation.

“He hasn’t taken much of the responsibility so far. In some ways I sympathise with Priya because I know her so well, but I also just want to give her a good shake. There is no excuse for what she’s doing to her best mate.”

Fiona was keen to point out that her personality is nothing like that of her on-screen alter-ego, but that doesn’t stop people from mistaking her for Priya when she’s out.

She said: “Priya’s much more glamorous than me. She’s a power dresser, whereas I’m more chilled out.

“People call out Priya in the street – I feel like I have two names! But we’re in people’s homes every night and it can be real to them.

“They aren’t shy about telling me what they think of Priya – especially when it comes to her love life.”