Emmerdale actress Isobel Steele has revealed that Liv’s at the centre of life-or-death drama after a prank with Gabby goes horribly wrong.

Emmerdale’s Isobel Steele has talked to Soaplife about Liv Flaherty’s latest shock storyline that sees her and best mate Gabby Thomas put Lisa Dingle’s life in deadly danger.

What’s the story?

Liv and Gabby are up to no good again, agreeing to spike Daz Spencer’s drink with horse tranquiliser. Gabby wants to mess with Daz because he’s her mum’s fella. The joke goes horribly wrong, however, and Lisa Dingle ends up in hospital!

“The consequences are really bad,” actress Isobel Steele has confessed to Soaplife. “Lisa has a heart attack!”

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Soaplife’s interview with Isobel Steele about what is in store for Liv Flaherty…

Soaplife: Why would they do something so dumb?

Isobel Steele: “Liv knows it’s wrong, but she wants to please Gabby after their falling out at Liv’s 16th birthday party. When Lisa keels over, Liv feels extremely guilty. Lisa is a big part of her life; she has taken her in before and helped her though some stuff. It feels like a massive betrayal and Liv really struggles with it.”

S: Will Liv confess?

IS: “Gabby tries to take the fall for her to make up for what happened at the party. Aaron Dingle comforts his half-sister Liv and tells her to relax, that it is all over and done with, but Liv feels bad that she has done this thing that no one knows about.”

S: Is she tempted to tell the truth?

IS: “It is difficult as she can hear her family talk about how much they hate Gabby. That really plays on Liv’s mind.”

S: How do you feel about Liv’s asexuality storyline?

IS: “I enjoyed doing something that has never been tackled before and there has been a lot of feedback about it on Twitter, which has been great. A lot of people said how important it was to have this issue highlighted on screen. I did look into some people’s stories.”

S: How does Liv feel about Aaron and Robert being back together?

IS: “I don’t think it is going to be easy for Liv to feel the same way about Robert now she knows he cheated with Rebecca. It takes her a long time to open up to people she is not related to. She wants Aaron to be happy, though and she has to move on and forget about the past.”

S: How are you enjoying Emmerdale?

IS: “It has been really great. I’ve been here for two years now and it’s been a good learning curve. Working with Danny Miller [Aaron] has taught me a lot.”

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