Maya’s fate finally REVEALED in next week’s Emmerdale flashback episodes

Is Maya dead?

Maya Stepney’s fate will be revealed next week in Emmerdale as the soap flashes back to the fateful night at the club.

Priya was sickened when she saw teacher Maya kissing teenager Jacob Gallagher a few weeks ago. Their fun evening out in Hotten was turned on its head after Priya informed Tracy and Leyla, who then cornered Maya…

“Leyla questioned whether it was innocent, but when Priya confirmed they were kissing like they couldn’t get enough of each other, everything clicked for all three girls,” says Fiona Wade, who plays Priya.

As time flashes back next week to the fateful night, Maya’s fate is revealed. But as the guilty abuser was already being blackmailed by in-the-know Liv, has Maya (Louisa Clein) done a runner… or been bumped off?

“Since the club night, Maya has been off screen, and only her bloodied scarf was found,” explains Roxy Shahidi, who plays Leyla, Jacob’s mum. “David is wondering where Maya is. She’s not turned up to work. But it all weighs heavily on Leyla, who hasn’t been honest with Priya and Tracy about what happened.”

Flashback to night out in Emmerdale

Flashback… Maya in Priya and Tracy’s car

After the confrontation, Leyla, Tracy and Priya were seen driving off with Maya. But what happened next?

“The girls are conflicted about what to do,” reveals Roxy. “Should they call the police? Should they take matters into their own hands? Leyla wants Priya to drive to find Jacob, but something unexpected happens on the way and things take a very dark turn.”

Emmerdale Maya and Jacob’s domestic bliss is interrupted as David arrives home early in Emmerdale

Has Maya been murdered after being found out over Jacob in Emmerdale?

Has someone killed Maya?

“Leyla’s life will change massively,” teases Roxy. “To find out Maya – who lived in the same house as her – had been abusing her son filled her with rage and guilt.”

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