Emmerdale: mother and son Megan and Robbie to team up to bring down Charity!

Emmerdale star Gaynor Faye has revealed that Megan Macey and her son Robbie Lawson (Jamie Shelton) will be united in their efforts to ruin Charity Macey.

Charity (Emma Atkins) has managed to turn new husband Declan Macey (Jason Merrells) against sister Megan by making him think Megan’s responsible for Charity losing their baby after they had a row. But Charity had secretly already had a termination.

“Robbie’s there for his mum,” Ganor reveals. “He was out of her life for 20 years and now he’s back in her life.

“He realises how manipulative Charity is and there’s lots of ways that Robbie’s going to get involved in this Megan and Charity fiasco – we’’ll see.”

Explaining why Megan has always hated Charity, even though they’re quite similar – Gaynor says Megan is almost jealous of her brother’s new wife.

“Nobody’s good enough for Declan in Megan’s eyes,” she says. “No one lives up to what she thinks is right for him.

“In another world they would have been partners if they weren’t brother and sister.

“And because Charity is Megan’s match in many ways, she hates Charity and she’s trying her best to prove to Declan what a nasty piece of work Charity is.”

Right now, the harder Megan tries the bigger she fails. But Gaynor promises it won’t always be like that.

“There’s so many secrets going on at the moment. But it’s wonderful because they’re building it and building it, and twisting and turning it. So when the secrets are revealed it’s going to be explosive, definitely.”

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Emmerdale, ITV, Monday, July 7, 7.00pm