Emmerdale newcomer Mark Jordon has hinted that his character is set to cause problems in love for one couple.

Mark plays Dan Spencer’s (Liam Fox) brother Daz who has recently arrived in the village on the ITV soap and is popular with the locals, but seems set on spoiling Dan’s happiness with fiancee Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton).

He told This Morning: “There’s definitely going to be a moment [with] one of the characters… we get close and I would imagine that everyone at home would be very disappointed.

“And I would imagine it would be one of those moments where there is literally a ‘no!’ [moment] going on. So I’m so pleased because this has been just tremendous for me.”

He continued about his character: “I love Daz, I just think he is not what you think he is. There is a particular reason, which we definitely find out this week why Daz has utilised the fact there is a wedding to his best advantage.

“As all good classic soap weddings are I can probably be allowed to say it doesn’t go very smoothly and whether or not Daz has a hand in that…”

Mark also spoke about his Emmerdale experience: “This whole being in Emmerdale is great, just to have a nice chunk of story should be good enough, but I think what they have done, the writing is so brilliant on this, they lead you down a little path.

“This week we’ll know why he is really there and then maybe in your own mind as an audience member you will think: ‘Oh, OK, we know what type of person he is now’, and we’ll watch for that.

“But it goes off again, there’s a little thing that happens and it takes him somewhere else, but because of the Spencer connection, it affects them and it affects their storylines and part of my journey is to send others off on journeys too, directly because of me, and it’s just brilliant how that unfolds.”