Emmerdale newcomer’s love triangle!

Emmerdale‘s Matt Milburn reveals to Soaplife that Nicky is attracted to Gennie – and has no idea Nikhil fancies her, too!

Hunky vet Nicky is used to getting any woman he wants… and right now he wants Gennie. “Most of his former girlfriends have been stereotypical bimbo types. But Gennie’s different,” says Matt. Very different – and very in love with Nikhil…

What attracts Nicky to Gennie?

“She’s engaging, funny and quirky, but also very straight and honest with it. She’s a bit awkward and very shy. This is very endearing to Nicky. He thinks she’s very cute and she really floats his boat.”

Does he know she’s secretly in love with Nikhil?

“No! He just thinks she’s head-over-heels about him!”

Nicky and Nikhil go running together… Are they competitive?

“They’re quite macho and testosterone-fuelled when they’re out together. But Nicky’s very confident and cocky about pretty much everything and doesn’t see Nikhil as a threat.”

Gennie resists Nicky at first. What changes her mind?

“She bumps into Nicky in the pub fresh from another bust-up with Nikhil and accepts Nicky’s offer to go for a drink. Nicky tells it like it is and Gennie likes this. He’s cheeky, forward and no-nonsense. There’s no game playing.”

How does the date go?

“Gennie turns up looking fabulous and Nicky suggests they go for a drink away from the village. We don’t see it on-screen, but it’s obvious they have a good time. Later they kiss and Nikhil is watching from a distance. Nicky’s part of a kind of love triangle he has no idea about!”

Does Nicky want a serious relationship with Gennie?

“This is the first time his feelings have been touched by someone who makes him feel different, which is nice. He’s had quite a few relationships in the past, but none have touched him deeply. He can see Gennie and him possibly having something in the future. This scares him a bit, but he also likes the prospect.”

Could Nicky and Nikhil end up fighting for Gennie’s love?

“Duelling over the damsel! Possibly, but it would depend more on how Gennie feels and how it all pans out.”

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