Emmerdale producer on THREE possible summer weddings and Aaron’s return

Emmerdale producer Kate Oates has revealed the hot stories planned for the soap this summer… And a lot of it involves wedding dreams coming true for some and turning into nightmares for others. Plus, there’s a hint of hope that Charity (Emma Atkins) and Declan (Jason Merrells) will get their comeuppance…

“There’s going to be wedding fever at Emmerdale,” Kate says.

“First, there’s Dan [Liam Fox] and Kerry [Laura Norton].”

And we already know that their big day doesn’t go smoothly.

“There’s also Priya [Fiona Wade] and Rakesh’s [Pasha Bocarie] arranged marriage,” Kate adds, “which is a whole new angle for Emmerdale to take.”

We can’t see that going smoothly, either, not when Georgia (Trudie Goodwin) and Jai (Chris Bisson) are so against the idea.

“And we have Laurel [Charlotte Bellamy] and Marlon’s [Mark Charnock] wedding,” Kate continues.

“Laurel has been really, really looking forward to marrying Marlon. She’s been through so much to be with him. Donna’s arrival has kind of thrown them a bit of a curve ball and it really might not work out the way Laurel was hoping.

“As Marlon and Donna’s [Verity Rushworth] story unfolds, it’s going to have a massive impact on the Laurel and Marlon wedding.

“I guess that might be the wedding that has the biggest question mark hanging over it,” says Kate.

“The story I’m really looking forward to this summer is the Donna/Ross/Marlon storyline.

“Marlon now knows Donna is dying and it has knocked Marlon for six. But the person Donna’s not going to tell is Ross [Michael Parr]. He’s the guy that she’s falling in love with, and the person that she’s basically leading a double life with.

“When she’s with Ross she can pretend that she’s fine, she can cling on to the hope that she can enjoy a few good, exciting months. And of course she’s involved in this double life, where she and he are working together to try and get money for April before Donna dies.

“I’m really looking forward to that story exploding on screen.”

How will it explode?

“It might be the story that brings Aaron [Danny Miller] back,” Kate teases. “It might be the reason that Adam [Adam Thomas] needs to make a special call to his mate in France.”

Then there’s Charity and Declan. She’s just about managing to keep Declan sweet over the having-another-baby matter. But things will turn sour eventually, we’re sure.

“One of the questions I get asked most at the moment is: when are Declan and Charity going to get their comeuppance?” Kate admits.

“They were so horrible at Christmas and so awful to Sam and Rachel and I think there’s a real big part of the audience that wants to see them get their comeuppance.”

So, do they?

“Well… Megan [Gaynor Faye] doesn’t like Charity, we know that. We know that Megan thinks she’s responsible for Charity’s miscarriage when she wasn’t. Megan might be on the track of finding that out and if she does she’s going to be mad and she’s really, really going to work hard to bring Charity down.

“The question is: will Declan listen to his wife or his sister?”

All Kate’s saying is: “there will be some exciting exits and some exciting returns in Emmerdale this summer!”

Emmerdale, ITV, Monday, July 14, 7.00pm