Emily Head had a tough time trying to keep the fact that Rebecca White is alive secret!

Emmerdale star Emily Head has talked about her character’s horrific ordeal as it was revealed tonight that Rebecca White is alive after being chained up by her deranged nephew, Lachlan White.

But Rebecca is still in a very confused state of mind, reveals 29-year-old Emily, and it’s easy to see why!

“She’s not really aware of everything that’s happened, she’s certainly in a confused state.

“She’s panicky because she’s chained to a bed and no one wants to wake up chained to a bed – anyone would panic! I think her mind is in overdrive and trying to figure how she can get out of there and how she can get back to her son.”

Emily adds: “Lachlan really thought in his mind that Rebecca could stay chained up and sedated and not really able to escape for the rest of her life. He definitely needs his comeuppance.”

Lachlan speaks to Belle

Meanwhile, Emily says she’s had a tricky time trying to keep the fact that Rebecca White is alive secret!

“It’s been so hard,” she laughs. “Everyone I meet who recognises me from the show asks me is Rebecca dead or alive and obviously I have to reply that, ‘I can’t say anything, I can’t tell you that’. But they try to push you.

“Also, whenever I was coming into work I was trying to make sure that no one saw me coming into the building so it didn’t give the game away.”

Meanwhile, Emily says she’s had great fun working with Thomas Atkinson, who plays killer Lachlan.

“I adore Tom, I think he’s extraordinarily talented. I think he’s just gotten better and better over the years. And I think he has done wonders with this storyline and he’s just a joy to work with.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV tomorrow with an hour long special – will the audience finally get answers? And will Rebecca White be found?