Emmerdale star Mike Parr has revealed that acid attack victim Ross Barton is left at his lowest point ever - and it could cost him his life.

Actor Mike Parr has revealed that his Emmerdale character Ross Barton is left feeling so desperate when his confidence is knocked by a group of cruel girls that he downs pills and alcohol.

What’s the story?

Ross Barton is at an all-time low next week after he’s humiliated in the pub and then finds out his attacker is pleading “not guilty”.

“He is practically suicidal,” Mike Parr tells Soaplife. “It’s not just the attack… Remember, he lost half his family in the space of six months.”

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Emmerdale star Mike Parr chats with Soaplife about Ross Barton

Soaplife: So, Ross isn’t coping…

Mike Parr: “No. He’s spiralling out of control and running himself into the ground both physically and mentally.”

S: What does he think when he hears about the not guilty plea?

MP: “It puts a lot of doubt in his mind. He wonders if they have the right person. He wants justice and he’s not sure if he wants it from the police or in the form of revenge. It throws a lot of things into question.”

S: What happens when he goes to the pub?

MP: “He’s finding it hard to even leave the house, but Pete persuades him to go to the pub. There are these girls that lead him on but are really making fun of him behind his back. He’s angry at Pete for making him go out and his confidence, which was low in the first place, is knocked down to zero.”

S: How does he react?

MP: “He goes to a place that he went to with his dad and his brothers. He takes pills and drinks to numb the pain. He also has an infection that started on his face and has gone into his blood stream and that causes even more problems for him.”

S: Would he take his own life?

MP: “He feels suicidal, but he is still a dad and the urge to project his son is strong.”

S: How has it been to act out this storyline?

MP: “It’s been incredibly difficult and I have not felt very confident in my performance. I don’t want to make any mistakes and I just hope I am portraying the story as well and as truthfully as I can. I have done everything to get into the mindset of a real victim. It never goes away for them.”

S: What do you think of the make up?

MP: “We are trying to mimic what really happens to someone who has been attacked with acid. The injuries would change from day to day, depending on whether or not you are staying hydrated or have an infection.”

S: What is the toughest aspect of this story?

MP: “To be honest, it is watching it on screen. I am very critical of myself. This is the first time I have portrayed a real person’s story. Everything else has been relationship-based. This is very topical.”

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