Emmerdale’s Michael Parr explains to Soaplife how Ross Barton breaks his own rules when he gets romantically – and criminally – involved with police officer Donna.

So, it’s not just Donna playing bad cop that attracts Ross?

“Well, she has approached him with this deal to make money, so he’s intrigued. But he liked her as soon as he clapped eyes on her at Moira’s wedding. She has a beautiful smile and she’s attractive. A bit of sexual tension tips him over the edge. He thinks he has met his match.”

How does Donna get Ross onside?

“She gives him a list of ‘hot cars’ and asks him to sell some stolen jewellery. Ross isn’t sure of her motives, but he’s fuelled by his need to make money and begins to think that Donna’s the same. She also pleads with him… but he has no idea she’s dying.”

Then she comes up with a plan to burgle a well known crook called Gary…

“Ross thinks she’s punching above her weight, but is willing to do it because there will be a big pay-off. Ross knows Gary’s someone you don’t want to mess with, but Donna has a good plan.”

What happens when they rob Gary?

“Gary comes home and catches them. Luckily they’re in the street and Donna pulls Ross in for a kiss, so that they look like a couple. Later they kiss again, for real. The romance continues, but Ross doesn’t like the fact that Donna is in control and when she warns him to sit on their latest haul, he’s not keen to follow her rules. He thinks he’s running the operation and he wants to do his own thing.”

Is Ross afraid of getting caught?

“Yes, he’s terrified, as the last thing he wants is to have his freedom taken away. But Ross is a risk-taker who’s out for himself.”