Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas: ‘All of a sudden my sisters are half-sisters and I have three brothers!’

Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas reveals to Soaplife that Adam reacts very badly when he finds out James is his father… He gets a shotgun and hunts him down!

“The news that James is his dad pushes Adam over the edge,” Adam tells Soaplife. “You are about to see his dark side. He sees red and decides to teach James a lesson.”

Adam’s never liked James, has he?
“No. He’s turned up at the farm and tried to take over. He winds Adam up and Adam doesn’t like the fact that James clearly fancies his mum. James keeps trying to reach out, but Adam’s not having any of it.”

How does Adam feel about Moira’s marriage to Cain?
“Adam is very protective of his mum. He’s had his run-ins with Cain, but he has come to terms with their relationship and is happy that his mum is happy. He’s trying to keep James away from them.”

Then he finds out that James slept with his mum…
“The Bartons are having a nice party to celebrate Finn’s birthday. Finn gets some old video tapes of the family out and it’s all happy, funny stuff – until you hear James and his wife arguing. She then shouts something out about James having slept with Moira. James turns the tape off and tries to cover, but Moira admits they had a one-night stand. All hell breaks out as Adam hits James and Cain storms off.”

And there’s worse to come, isn’t there?
“Later on, Cain puts Moira on the spot and she’s forced to tell Adam that James is his dad. It’s a massive shock. He knew something was up, but had no idea it was this big. He can’t believe Moira did this behind his dad’s back. Adam’s really upset and angry. He doesn’t know where his head is at. All of a sudden his sisters are half-sisters and he has three half-brothers who aren’t happy about the news, either.”

What does Adam do?
“He goes to Sam to get a shotgun – he lies and says he wants it for Zak. He can’t take his anger out on his mum, so the next best thing is James. Ever since he turned up at the farm, Adam’s life has been hell. Adam wants to deal with James so he gets a gun, finds James in the village and stalks him…”

Moira hears a gunshot. Has Adam shot James?
“You’ll have to wait and see. Adam has a dark side when it comes to his family. He will go to any means to sort trouble out.”

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