Emmerdale’s Bill Ward: ‘If Adam is James’s son, it’s bad news for everyone!’

Emmerdale’s Bill Ward tells Soaplife that James thinks he could have four sons, not three, after Chas makes a revelation…

James doesn’t want to let his past with Moira lie and finds a new way to strengthen his bond with her when he works out Adam could be his son! “James tries to talk to Moira about the possibility, but she won’t go there which makes him suspicious,” Bill tells Soaplife.

Is this because of their fling years ago?
“It was a one-night stand and Moira was in love with John at the time, although they were going through a difficult patch. But James has spent the 22 years since then thinking that he should and could have been with Moira.”

What makes James think that Adam could be his son?
“James suddenly finds out it’s Adam’s birthday and thinks he’s turning 21, so he buys him a really expensive watch. They haven’t been getting on and James wants to make it up to him. Then Chas tells him it’s Adam’s 22nd not 21st birthday and it strikes him that Adam could be his son.”

What does Moira say?
“She keeps shutting him down, each time more abrupt than the time before, which makes him increasingly suspicious. James doesn’t want to put Moira in a difficult position, but he does want to know what the truth is. He will not let it lie until he is satisfied with the answer.”

But Moira does say Adam is not James’s son, doesn’t she?
“She tells him that Adam was born early and that appeases him for a moment, because it’s the answer to a question. But the more James thinks about it, the more he realises that Adam could still be his.”

Could this ruin his relationship with Moira?
“Well, things are frosty between them, anyway. They have been since James humiliated himself when he declared his undying love to Moira and she knocked him back. So yes, this could be a breaking point.”

Are you hoping James will turn out to be Adam’s dad?
“Either way there is a lot of drama. If he is James’s son that’s bad news for all concerned. For Moira it will mean that John wasn’t Adam’s dad. James would have to tell his boys that they have a brother and he will have to confess to being unfaithful to their mother. It would also mean that the last 22 years of their lives have in many respects, been a lie.”