Emmerdale’s Bill Ward reveals to Soaplife that while farmer James might not have much money, he’s got plenty of feelings for Moira!

How come James is facing financial ruin?

“He’s been chasing his wayward son around. Ross has always been trouble. James has brought up his three kids single-handedly since his wife left him early on – we don’t know when or why – and Ross has always needed the most attention.”

So he wasn’t paying attention to his farm?

“Pete, his elder son, has been running the farm. Pete’s good, but he can’t make all the decisions. The big stuff hasn’t been done which means the farm is losing money and going out of business.”

Why does James decide to move in with Moira?

“He doesn’t. The bailiffs are coming and his sons Pete and Finn move the cows off their land. James was prepared to sit it out, but his boys have made a decision and it’s too late. James feels pretty terrible about having to rely on Moira. He’s a proud man and he doesn’t want to be in somebody else’s house and not earning any money.”


We sense some history between James and Moira…

“He has always carried a torch for her. We don’t know what’s happened in the past, but there is a history. It’s quite possible that James and John fell out over Moira – James didn’t even go to John’s funeral. But James is not a ladies man and at the moment, his boys and his business are his two concerns.”

So he won’t be fighting Cain for Moira?

“He’s highly principled and isn’t going to try to steal another man’s woman. The last thing he wants to do is cause trouble. Moira has taken them in and he doesn’t want to break her trust. He’s an honourable man.”