Emmerdale star Bill Ward tells Soaplife about James Barton’s true feelings for Moira – and reveals that Ross isn’t the only bad Barton boy!

Is the ‘Welcome’ mat still down at Butler’s Farm for the other Barton family?

“I think if there was a welcome for James and his boys, they have outstayed it. James is desperate to get his own place, but he is essentially bankrupt and all the other farms he has looked at are too expensive.”

Ross is getting out, though. Why?

“Mostly due to the friction with his dad.”

It’s more than friction… James hits him!

“James walks in to see his boys arguing. Ross has a bag of pills in his hand and is trying to make Pete take one. As far as James is concerned, it looks very much like Ross is dealing drugs and so he hits him. He just snaps.”

Is Ross dealing drugs?

“No, it’s Pete. He’s selling drugs, but has never tried them and Ross is telling him that he needs to know what he is selling. The drugs could contain baking powder or anything.”

Why is Pete selling drugs?

“He tells James he’s doing it to make some money for the family as James wasn’t making any. That makes James feel that he has let his son down.”

Does James feel guilty about hitting Ross when he hears the truth?

“He feels bad, but not as bad as you might expect. Ross earned that punch. It was for showing him up in front of Moira, Cain and Adam. Insulting him and saying he was a terrible dad. Also, Ross has been foul to James for 10 years and is, in many ways, the reason the farm went down. In a funny way, the selling of the drugs is not the worst part, it’s what Pete and Ross say about James that hurts.”

Can James heal this rift with Ross?

“I imagine he can, but it will take a long time. They have been at loggerheads for years and Ross says, ‘I don’t really like you Dad.’ In turn, James doesn’t like the way Ross behaves.”

Cain doesn’t like the way James behaves with Moira. What are James’s feelings for Moira?

“James Barton is in love with Moira. He has carried a torch for her for some time, but won’t say anything. Also, if it wasn’t reciprocated, he might get chucked out!”