Emmerdale’s Carly and Ross go on the rob…and commit murder?

Emmerdale’s Carly goes on the rob with Ross – and then does a runner, as Gemma Atkinson reveals to Soaplife

How does Carly feel about Ross?
“She likes him, but she knows it’s nothing serious. She’s heard all the rumours, but hasn’t taken any notice of them. However, her opinion of Ross [Michael Parr] changes when she joins him to rob one of Jimmy’s vans.”

Why would Carly do that?
“Carly’s told by Ross that it’s a driving job. I’m not sure she would agree to do it if he told her the truth. She wants to help her dad, Bob, and pay back the money they took from Brenda [Lesley Dunlop]. She’s reached a point where she’ll do anything to do that.”

But the robbery goes badly wrong, doesn’t it?
“Yes. When the van turns up, Ross assaults the driver and leaves him for dead. It’s down to Carly to call an ambulance and make sure he’s OK. She could forget about it and move on, but you finally see that she does have a conscience.”

How does Bob find out about it?
“Carly ends up telling him. He questions her because he’s heard about the incident and Carly’s so fed up with lying and running from the truth, that she tries to explain that she did it for him.”

Bob tells her he’s going to confess all to Brenda…
“She begs him not to, but Bob [Tony Audenshaw] can’t hold it in any longer and decides to tell Brenda on the day of the memorial ceremony for Gennie. Brenda calls the police and reports Carly, Bob and Val [Charlie Hardwick] for fraud.”

Do they get arrested?
“First of all, Brenda has a face-off with Carly. Carly sobs and tells Brenda how sorry she is, but Brenda is having none of it. She says, ‘There is another visitor here – the police. I will leave you to it’.”

And Carly legs it… Will she return?
“I hope so. So much stuff goes downhill with her family when she’s away. It would be nice for Bob to realise that he needs Carly’s help. The underlying moral of the story is that family sticks together.”

Emmerdale, ITV.