Emmerdale’s Charley: ‘Debbie sees the man she loves has turned into a monster’

Emmerdale’s Charley Webb reveals to Soaplife how Debbie is filled with fear when she finds herself being held hostage by gun-toting killer Cameron.

Debbie thought her nightmare was over when Cameron was locked up. But now he’s escaped and he’s back in the village… for her. And Debbie finds herself held at gunpoint – along with half the village – as he desperately tries to persuade her to run away with him… “Debbie can’t believe what’s happening. Cameron absolutely terrifies her and she doesn’t recognise what he’s become,” Charley tells Soaplife.

Sarah goes missing… and that’s Debbie’s first clue that Cameron is back, isn’t it?
“Yes. Everyone is saying that it’s not Cameron, but Debbie knows it’s him. She’s absolutely panic stricken, worrying what he’s going to do next. She desperately wants to believe that Cameron wouldn’t harm Sarah and that he’s only doing it to get to Debbie.”

And he does get to her…at The Woolpack. How does that happen?
“Andy finds Sarah, who tells him that Cameron shut her in a barn. Debbie’s terrified thinking that Cameron is going to come for her next and Andy tells her to stay in the pub with Jack. Chas bolts the door, but Cameron’s already hiding inside. Debbie’s horrified. It’s just the sight of him, after everything they’ve been through. She knows that he’s there for her.”

Is Debbie afraid that Cameron will shoot her?
“For a lot of the hostage situation, she knows that he wouldn’t shoot her. She just tries to get him to listen to her. She’s heartbroken and terrified for everyone’s safety.”

What does Cameron want from her?
“He wants her to leave the village with him. He really thinks that if he explains everything to her, they can run away together. It’s sad because she looks at him and sees the man she loves, but he has turned into a monster.”


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