Emmerdale’s Charley Webb: Debbie ‘hates herself’ when Moses falls ill

Emmerdale’s Charley Webb talks to Soaplife about Debbie’s love triangle and Charity’s baby, who is rushed to hospital next week…

Debbie Dingle’s struggling – and no wonder. She’s having an affair, trying to organise a wedding, and caring for her baby half-brother, Moses. So, when Moses falls seriously ill while Debbie is with lover Ross, she feels as if her world is unravelling…

Which Barton brother does Debbie love?
“The problem is, her heart lies with both. She loves Pete [Anthony Quinlan] and he offers her security and a stable family life, but she can’t keep away from Ross [Michael Parr] and is falling in love with him. It’s pulling her apart as she doesn’t know which way to go.”

What happens when Moses falls ill while she’s with Ross?
“Debbie hates herself. She thinks she should have been there and noticed that there was something wrong with him”

What’s wrong with the baby?
“There’s a problem with his stomach, which means he can’t digest his milk. It’s serious and the doctors need to operate immediately. Debbie gives consent as she is the baby’s legal guardian.”

But Charity does make an appearance…
“And Debbie’s angry with her mum. Charity [Emma Atkins] has dumped this baby on her, expected her to get on with it and hasn’t been in touch. So they have an argument…”

Does Debbie think the baby’s dad should know about his op?
“Yes, the father has a right to know his baby is ill, but Debbie doesn’t know who it is. She suspects it’s either a one-night stand or somebody rich that Charity has slept with.”

What’s in store for Debbie?
“This is the beginning of the build-up to a very big summer in Emmerdale. It’s going to be exciting.”

Emmerdale, ITV.

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