Emmerdale’s Charley Webb tells Soaplife that Debbie is running scared as Cameron haunts her – but Pete wants to save her from herself…

Why has Debbie had an alarm fitted at her cottage?

“She’s feeling very tense. It’s a continuation of Cameron, really. She has basically put up a massive front and pretended that everything is fine, but she’s having nightmares about Cameron and not getting much sleep. As usual, she’s not telling anyone, but trying to cope on her own.”

And failing. She hits a customer, doesn’t she?

“She turns up to a call-out and this guy is a bit flirty. It’s nothing major. He says something about admiring the view and goes to touch her and she flips out. Because of the way Debbie is feeling, it tips her over the edge.”

And she puts the guy in hospital and is arrested for assault!

“It’s a massive thing for her to be arrested. It freaks her out and makes her sit up, but she’s having a mini breakdown. When the police come to see her she’s almost a little bit vacant. She’s numb.”

Then Pete pays her victim a visit and, with a little more pain, persuades him to drop the charges. How does Debbie feel?

“At first, she’s really annoyed and can’t believe that he’s got involved, but three seconds later she’s kissing him. She’s impressed by his gesture and she sees he’s someone who’s looking out for her.”

Is Debbie ready for a relationship with Pete?

“I’m not sure she’ll ever be ready to get involved with anyone after what happened with Cameron. I think she has always found it difficult to let people in because of her parents and her upbringing.”

But Pete’s not Cameron…

“She thinks Pete’s a stable guy, a nice guy, not the typical bad boy she normally goes for. She does see a bit of a protector in him. And she does buy him a drink to thank him.”

Ross doesn’t like that… Isn’t Ross more her type?

“He would be the obvious choice because he’s more similar to Cain and people she has gone for in the past. Debbie thinks she wants a nice quiet life for her kids, but she finds it hard to resist a bit of drama.”

How do you get on with Anthony Quinlan, who plays Pete?

“I’ve known him for years because he’s best friends with my brother, Jamie Lomas [EastEnders’ Jake]. Anthony is like part of the furniture in our house and I bicker with him like I do with my brother, so it feels very natural to work with him.”