Emmerdale’s Charlotte Bellamy: ‘Laurel faces three years in prison!’

Emmerdale’s Charlotte Bellamy explains to Soaplife why Laurel’s picked a tough battle to fight – and could lose big time!

Does Laurel regret attacking Ross?
“No. She wanted him to know how it felt when he carjacked her. She had children in the car at the time and it was awful.”

Why is she being done for assault?
“Because Laurel launched at Ross just as the police turned up. Now he’s taking her to court, knowing that she won’t be allowed to mention the carjacking. They can only talk about her attack on him. He has twisted it. He’s a nasty piece of work and you couldn’t find two characters who are more extreme.”

How does she find out she’s being prosecuted?
“Laurel and Marlon are having a lunch party to try to smooth things over with Paddy and Rhona. Marlon has hidden the letter as he doesn’t want to ruin the mood, but Laurel finds it. She’s horrified when she reads it.”

She faces up to three years in prison – but her solicitor advises her to twist her statement to get off lighter…
“She could do that, but she would be lying in court. She’s a moral person and wants to tell the truth. I would feel exactly the same in that situation.”

Is Marlon being supportive?
“Yes, he is, but he’s also frustrated because he can see where this is heading. Everyone is advising Laurel to look out for herself and do what she has to, but she is determined to go to court and tell the truth.”

What chance does Laurel have against Ross?
“Laurel is out of her league with Ross. He is a real baddie and has no morals. If she tries to take him on, she’ll just get into deeper and deeper trouble. Unfortunately, it looks as if he’s here to stay so things are not going to be easy for her.”


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