Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson: Damn the consequences, Jai just wants Archie back

Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson tells Soaplife how Jai enjoys a happy family reunion with Archie, but not with Rachel… And that’s going to bring him more trouble.

Once again, Jai Sharma is offered his son Archie in exchange for cash, but this time he gets him. There’s no sign of the baby’s mum Rachel, though – and Jai doesn’t seem bothered. Rachel’s sister Ali [Kelli Hollis] is very bothered, though – especially after a story in the newspaper reveals that a woman’s body has been found. “Jai isn’t interested in how or why he’s getting Archie – he just wants him back and is willing to pay. He doesn’t think about the consequences,” says Chris.

So is Rachel alive? Or has Jai just paid to become the prime suspect in her murder?

So, out of the blue, Jai gets a message about Archie…
“The trail has gone cold and Charity [Emma Atkins] says she knows nothing, but Jai gets this anonymous text from a stranger saying they have his son. Jai doesn’t want to believe it’s true, as he doesn’t want to go through the disappointment of not finding him again.”

Who is this person?
“It’s this fella called Josh and Jai goes to meet him. He has got Archie, too – in the back of a car. But when Jai runs over to see his son, the car drives off. This man says he’s there on Rachel’s behalf and that she needs money to go into rehab. What’s different this time is that Jai has actually seen Archie, so he goes to Rakesh [Pasha Bocarie] to get some money together and pays up.”

What about Rachel?
“He doesn’t think about Rachel’s welfare as his focus is purely on Archie and he is elated to have him back.” 

What does he tell people in the village?
“He uses the story that Josh told him, but he pretends it was Rachel who relayed it and handed over Archie.”

But Ali calls the police, doesn’t she?
“Yes. Jai’s covering parts of the story and is concerned when the police arrive. However, he thinks that the price of these lies is nothing compared to what it means to get his son back. As we’ve seen, Jai is prepared to go to great lengths to get what he wants.”

So what has happened to Rachel?
“That would be telling! Put it this way, it’s a soap and so, for Jai, this is not the end of this story – and it’s not the end of his troubles.”

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