Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson: ‘Jai enjoys Charity’s panic… until the ice cracks!’

Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson reveals to Soaplife how Jai thinks he can save his marriage – and risks his life to prove it…

Charity visits Jai at Holdgate… what happens?
“Jai sees a little chink in her armour as she’s prepared to talk. But Archie is asleep upstairs and starts crying just as Charity agrees to go to dinner with Jai. Then Rachel turns up to collect him. Charity’s furious, says she wants a divorce and goes flying out the door.”

What does Noah make of all of this?
“Noah doesn’t understand the wider implications of what has happened. He tells Charity he hates her and wants to go home to Holdgate. Jai and Noah are very close and Noah doesn’t like the way his mum is treating Jai.”

Charity doesn’t like any of it and gets drunk…
“And trashes Jai’s car! At the time, Jai’s chatting to Noah about what he has done. Charity turns up drunk and looks like the worst mother in the world.”

How does Jai react?
“He disarms her by jumping on the car and trashing it himself. Charity is incensed, as her big gesture hasn’t worked.”

So she does something even more stupid…
“Charity makes a pass at Cain. Not knowing this, Jai drives Charity to a lake and wants Charity to tell him she loves him, but Charity throws her wedding ring onto the frozen water. Jai says he’s going to get it unless she says she loves him and she won’t so he steps on to the ice…”

“Jai goes out onto the lake and likes it when Charity starts to panic, because it suggests that she does care. Then the ice cracks and he’s plunged into very cold water…”

Is there any hope for Jai and Charity?
“It hasn’t come to its end at all. There’s a lot more to come – it’s quite sparky.”


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