Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson: ‘Jai is a man on the edge!’

Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson reveals to Soaplife that Jai will do anything to find Rachel and get his son Archie from her…

What does Jai make of Rachel’s disappearing act?
“He thinks she set fire to Home Farm and wouldn’t be surprised if the Dingles were hiding her. He doesn’t trust them. He is determined to find out where she is and who is behind it. He thinks that Ali knows something.”

So he turns on her?
“He appeals to her and he grabs her hand at one point. He can tell she wants to say something, but she’s determined to keep her promise to Rachel. He then says, ‘I’ve tried to be nice, now we’re going to do this the hard way’. He searches her locker at work, ransacks the house, evicts her and sacks her.”

Wow! He means business…
“And he moves on to Sam. He thinks he can manipulate Sam, believing that he could be his best hope of finding his son. He tries to get Sam to look for Rachel and hires a private detective. Jai assures Sam that he’ll pay for the best lawyers and sort everything out if he finds Rachel, but of course he has no intention of doing that.”

Then he finds out his name is not on Archie’s birth certificate…
“That’s a big blow because the police will no longer talk to him. He’s not allowed any official information or contact with the police.”

What would he do if he knew Charity was behind Rachel’s disappearance?
“It’s going to come out at some point and he will be livid. Jai is a man on the edge. I think he will want to punish her and would be prepared to risk his life and hers. He could go all the way…”
How long will he search for Archie?
“For ever. Archie is the child he always wanted. The search for his son is going to consume him…”