Emmerdale‘s Chris Bisson reveals that Jai pins all his hopes of getting Archie back on a mystery man called Mark… Is that wise?

Jai’s desperate to get Archie back home, isn’t he?

“Yes. The private eye hasn’t come up with much so he’s really frustrated. Jai puts an ad in the paper and somebody bites – and immediately Jai gets his hopes up.”

Should he?

“He wants to trust the contact, Mark. He hopes he can. It’s all against his better judgement, but Jai desperately needs some hope and will take any little lead he gets.”

What happens when Mark meets Jai?

“It’s a little bit edgy, but it’s seemingly going OK until Rishi mentions that Rachel is in trouble with the police and Mark walks out. Jai is upset and tells Mark they can keep the police out of it. It all goes quiet, but then Jai gets a photo message proving Mark does know Rachel.”

Then Charity finds out that Jai is close to finding Rachel…

“Charity sees that Jai is happy again and she wants to know why. For Declan and Charity, finding Rachel will be a disaster because they will go down for fraud and arson. Charity goes to the factory and is very friendly, but Jai knows that Charity is only nice when she wants something. He just doesn’t know what she wants and why she wants it!”

Just as Charity is turning on the charm, Mark shows up again…

“Charity doesn’t know who Mark is and she’s shown the door. Jai and Mark get into the nitty gritty of negotiations, but there’s a twist…”