Emmerdale’s Danny Miller: ‘Aaron’s done nothing wrong, yet he’s back inside!’

The future looks bleak for Emmerdale’s Aaron when he finds himself back behind bars, accused of shooting ex-lover Robert, Danny Miller tells Soaplife…

The way things stand right now, half of Emmerdale are in the frame for shooting Robert Sugden. Lawrence White is currently banged up on remand, but he swaps places with Aaron Livesy after Adam sees film of Aaron hiding a gun.

“There’s nothing he can say about it when Adam confronts him,” says Danny. “But they’re best mates and Adam wants to help him.”

Victoria doesn’t know that, though, and innocently posts the film online…

So why has Aaron got a gun?
“Like everyone else, Aaron’s hiding something. All the suspects are either withholding information or admitting to things they didn’t do to protect other people. Aaron saw the gun close to Chas [Lucy Pargeter] after the shooting and he hid it to protect her. He doesn’t want his mum to go down. He’d be lost without her.”

So Aaron’s not the shooter?
“Aaron loves Robert [Ryan Hawley], but anybody with a lot of anger and nothing to lose could kill someone…”

How did Adam get film of Aaron hiding the gun?
“Victoria [Isabel Hodgins] was making a ‘Daddy’ video for Johnny at the scrapyard and captured Aaron hiding the gun in the background, without realising it. Unknown to Adam [Adam Thomas] and Aaron, Victoria uploads the video to a social networking site and Rakesh [Pasha Bocarie] sees it… That’s all he needs to get Lawrence [John Bowe] out of prison.”

What happens when the police show up?
“Aaron’s in utter panic. He knows the gun has been found and there’s nothing he can do about it. His fingerprints are all over it and the evidence is stacked against him. Whether he did it or not he still goes to prison, because he’s already serving a suspended sentence. Any trouble with the police means he goes straight to jail.”

Will he cope in prison?
“It isn’t where he wants to be. Yes, he has a violent side and he isn’t afraid of a fight, but he’s tried really hard to turn his life around. He doesn’t want to be that person who’s in and out of prison. He’s done nothing wrong, yet he’s back inside…”

Emmerdale, ITV


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