Emmerdale’s Denise: ‘Joanie begins to see Amy’s side’

Denise Black reveals to Soaplife that Joanie’s running scared when she finds out Amy is Kyle’s birth mother in Emmerdale. She doesn’t want to lose Kyle, but will she let Amy back into his life?

Pollard tells Joanie the truth about Amy. What happens?
“Joanie pops and says that Amy can’t see Kyle any more. She thought Amy was a regular Mary Poppins. Now she knows the truth and she wants Amy to stay away.”

But Amy won’t give up, will she?
“No. She begs Joanie to listen to her… She says she didn’t leave Kyle because she didn’t want him; she did it because she didn’t think she could offer him the life he deserved. Joanie’s moved by Amy’s plea and she opens the door and lets her in.”

“They start talking, but it goes pear-shaped pretty quickly as they’re both hot-headed. Then Amy says, ‘How do you think Kyle will feel when he’s grown up and I tell him you wouldn’t allow me to be part of his life?’ Amy says it in anger, but Joanie sees how it could well happen…”

Then Pollard steps in. Does he help?
“We see a wonderful aspect of them in this story. He’s Joanie’s age, so he has a grasp of her situation. He doesn’t patronise Joanie. He wants to know if there’s a way they can make this work.”

And Joanie’s ready to listen… until Kyle disappears!
“Yes, I drew on the time I lost my own son when he was the same age as Kyle. I was going to a wedding reception and my son ended up at the wrong reception, eating somebody else’s cakes. I froze and that’s what Joanie does. Pollard sees that the car has gone and realises that Amy has taken Kyle.”

Oh, no!
“Amy brings Kyle back and Joanie reviews things overnight. She’s willing to give it a second go. She understands that it will be better for Kyle to have some access to his biological family.”


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