Emmerdale’s Dominic: ‘Paddy leaves Rhona!’

Dominic Brunt reveals to Soaplife the depth of Paddy’s despair when he realises wife Rhona is a drug addict who who would rather have her drugs – and Vanessa – than him in Emmerdale

Paddy knows Rhona’s not the woman he married. What does he think is wrong with her?
“He thinks it’s drink, but then he hasn’t seen any about. He gets desperate and nicks her phone and sees that she has rung a bloke called Gary 10 times in three days. He believes that answers all the questions. Laurel said she saw a man go into the house and Vanessa suggested that Rhona might be having an affair.”

So he thinks she looks like death warmed up because she’s having an affair… And what does he do?
“He rushes round there hoping to find Rhona and this Gary at it, but the scene that greets him is not quite what he expects. He runs into the kitchen and sees Rhona and Vanessa kissing.”

“Paddy angrily confronts Rhona, saying: ‘Was I not man enough?’ He’s been betrayed by the woman he loves and by the woman he took on as a business partner and moved into his house. It explains Rhona’s behaviour to some extent, but Paddy knows Rhona isn’t a lesbian and has an inkling it might not be all that’s wrong.”

And he does find out the whole truth. How?
“Paddy decides to move out and stay with Marlon for a bit. He goes to collect some things and finds Rhona out cold on the floor. She has been sick. The place looks like it has been burgled because she has tipped it upside-down to find drugs.”

How does Paddy feel when he finds out Rhona’s an addict?
“He can’t get his head around it at all and can’t understand what Vanessa was doing. He hates her and says she is a drug pusher because she gave Rhona the drugs, but Moira explains that she did the same for her daughter.”

Doctors say Rhona’s made herself very ill. Surely Paddy won’t abandon her?
“He says that he’s supposed to be her rock because that’s what husbands do, but he can’t. He does want to be there for her, but thinks that when she’s better, he’ll probably be off.”

And Vanessa?
“Paddy can’t forgive Vanessa, but he needs her.”

And now that Paddy knows the truth?
“It’s is like the second half of the story. Vanessa tells him that it’s almost impossible to get Rhona off the drugs, but Paddy’s attitude is: ‘It’s easy, she just has to stop taking them.'”

So what’s next?
‘I have no idea. I never ask the bosses that question. I want it to be a surprise.”