Emmerdale’s Dominic: ‘There’s more to come from Cameron!’

Dominic Power talks to Soaplife about killer Cameron’s latest plan to escape justice in Emmerdale: blame someone else!

Cameron looks twitchy at the best of times, but when the police start asking questions about Alex Moss and then Alex’s gran reappears, he goes into panic overdrive. In a bid to cover his tracks, he decides to frame Adam for Alex’s murder…

Cameron’s new cunning plan is complicated by Sean, though. How?
“Sean’s playing football with Amelia and damages the wing mirror on Debbie’s car. Cameron flips and grabs Sean, who’s freaked out. Adam sees him and tells Cameron to pick on someone his own size.”

Then someone starts blackmailing Cameron…
“And he panics. He gets a text saying, ‘You think you’ve got away with it – wrong’ and he doesn’t know it is from Sean. He thinks somebody knows he killed Alex and his paranoia kicks in. Then the blackmailer asks for £500. Cameron looks around the pub to see if it could be anyone there – he’s terrified. But as Cameron has killed three times, the blackmailer should be scared too!”

So what gives Cameron the idea to frame Adam?
“He overhears Cain and Adam talking in the cafe. Cain asks Adam why he’s acting so guilty and Cameron starts to wonder if Adam is his blackmailer. He has a run-in with Adam and hits on the idea of framing him.”

What does Cameron hope for the future?
“He would like to get away with all three murders and live with Debbie – perhaps far away from the village. He might head to Spain or South America. But there’s a lot more to come from this story. It’s big and it is going to have an impact on a few other characters.”