Emmerdale’s Duncan Preston reveals to Soaplife that Doug hasn’t lost his romantic interest in Diane.

So, Doug came back for the wedding of his daughter Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy)… Is he going to stay for Diane?

“He’s excited about being back. He’s back where his roots are and where he loves being. And he’s interested in what Ashley [John Middleton] tells him about Diane… It would be nice if it worked out for Doug and Diane. Doug wants it, but Diane is being very, very careful.”

Will he have to work to win her over?

“She blew him out in the first place, it wasn’t him who blew her out!”

Does he regret going back to his wife, Hilary?

“Oh loads. He had a little spark when he walked back into the pub and saw Diane [Elizabeth Estensen] behind the bar and he’s quite surprised by it. Diane is surprised by her feelings for him, too.”

How hard will he try to win Diane back?

“He will try anything, but won’t forsake his principles. If it happens he will be over the moon.”

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