Emmerdale‘s Eden Taylor-Draper tells Soaplife that Belle wants to tell the police her guilty secret – Gemma is dead because of her!

How were things between Belle and Gemma before they had the fatal fight?

“There has always been that rivalry between them, but it got intense. Gemma kicked off because Sean was flirting with Belle. They had a heated argument, which turned physical. Gemma lashed out first so Belle retaliated by shoving her. Gemma fell over, but got up and told Belle she was a cow. Belle stormed off, thinking that Gemma was perfectly fine.”

When does Belle find out Gemma’s not fine?

“Gemma has gone missing. Dom is looking for her and Belle says that she doesn’t know where Gemma went after their row. Initially, Belle doesn’t put two and two together. But then Gemma is found unconscious and Belle starts to wonder: ‘Was it me?’”

How does Belle feel when she hears Gemma has died?

“Doctors say it was something to do with Gemma’s brain and, from that moment, Belle feels like a murderer. She feels so bad, she wants to go to the police and confess, but before she does, she blurts the truth out to Lisa. Lisa doesn’t want Belle to go to the police… she wants to protect the family.”

How scared is Belle that the truth about what happened will come out?

“She is very paranoid. She thinks that everyone knows what she did.”

Can Belle live with herself?

“Who knows? This could ruin Belle’s life. She feels she should be in prison and is struggling with the weight of the guilt on her shoulders…”