Emmerdale’s Eden Taylor-Draper: ‘Gemma is back…and this time she’s angrier!’

Belle Dingle was already fragile in Emmerdale… After hearing about Katie and stopping her medication, she is pushed to the edge – literally, Eden Taylor-Draper reveals to Soaplife…

Why does Belle stop taking her medication?
“When Sam [James Hooton] tells her about Katie, she is numb and doesn’t feel it because of the medication. She wants to feel the pain, so she stops taking the pills.”

But that’s dangerous!
“Yes. Belle is in denial again. She believes Gemma is real. She didn’t hear her when she was taking the pills, but as soon as she stops, she is back again and this time, she is angrier and it is all on a much bigger scale.”

Doesn’t Belle care about making Lisa (Jane Cox) worry?
“She does. She sees her getting out of breath at home and using her angina spray. She is scared about her mum being ill.”

Yet she still leaves home. Why?
“Belle thinks that Gemma will hurt people, so she is distancing herself from all of those she loves. She thinks she has to leave home and that it would be best if she left everyone to crack on without her.”

Where does she end up?
“She sleeps rough over at Wylie’s farm. Samson finds her and Gemma kind of takes over. Belle is scared for Samson’s life, so she scares him off. She says horrible things to him because she feels she has to.”

Where is Belle found eventually?
“She is on the roof of the barn at Wylie’s and there’s a crowd of people staring up at her. It’s all getting too much for Belle. Harriet [Katherine Dow Blyton] tries to connect with her by asking her to tell Gemma to be quiet for a couple of minutes. That works because Belle thinks that Gemma is real.”

Then what happens?
“There is a second where Belle thinks that Harriet is right. She decides she is going to sort herself out, but her foot slips. It’s sad because she doesn’t want to jump.”

Will Belle ever be well again?
“It will be hard for her no matter what…”

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