Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins: ‘Charity deserves to go down!’

Charity’s fighting for her freedom – and fighting her feelings for Cain, Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins reveals to Soaplife…

Charity’s in the dock, charged with insurance fraud and perverting the course of justice. But will she get her just desserts – or be freed to wreak more havoc on the village? “I think she deserves to go down,” says Emma to Soaplife.

“You can’t for one minute defend any of her actions. But there will be plenty of die-hard Charity fans who’ll want her to get off.”  

Is Charity worried?
“She’s very nervous, but Cain’s come through for her and taken on Rakesh [Pasha Bocarie] as her lawyer. He has a reputation for being ruthless and successful, so Charity knows she’s in good hands. However, she is mentally preparing for the worst.”

How important is Cain to Charity?
“She’s always fancied him, but now she’s starting to see what great qualities he has. Charity and Cain [Jeff Hordley] are two of a kind and, although she can see he has a great relationship with Moira, she can’t help herself.”

Help herself with what?
“Her feelings are overpowering her. Cain has been a real friend to her and he has her back at every turn, and she knows she doesn’t really deserve that. When she was locked in the container, she was already thinking, ‘Why did I let him go?’ and now she’s realising that all the money and power she went after hasn’t made her happy.”

She’s not the only one miserable… How important is Sam (James Hooton) to the trial?
“Charity’s relying on him to lie for her, but that’s a big ask considering what she did to Rachel. Ali [Kelli Hollis] reminds Sam of that, telling him Rachel could be dead because of what Charity did.”

Could Charity cope in prison?
“A strong survival instinct is inbuilt in her, so I think she’d be OK. I think she’d probably keep her head down in order to get out as quickly as possible. She wouldn’t be running rackets or anything, I don’t think.”

And if she walks free?
“If that happens, she isn’t going to be able to put these feelings for Cain in a box. She’ll probably cause ructions. There’s unfinished business there and she feels she has to tell him somehow.”

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