Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins reveals to Soaplife why it’s not looking at all like slap-happy Charity and Declan will live happily ever after…

Why is Charity marrying Declan?

“For love and money. I think Charity has stopped herself from really loving anyone after what Jai did and the great thing about Declan is that he doesn’t need to be madly in love either. It’s a marriage of convenience. Charity has also signed a pre-nup which means that if she has Declan’s child, she’s entitled to everything if he cheats on her or leaves her.”

But she’s already secretly booked a termination…

“She has been a mother twice and failed on many occasions. She’s drinking alcohol because she has written off the idea of having the baby. She can’t go through with it. Chas knows her plan and is terrified that Declan is going to find out and if he does, there will be world war three. That’s bound to happen. It’s written in the stars.”

Is Charity excited about her wedding?

“It’s not one of those wedding’s that people look forward to – she’s treating it more like something that needs to be done. Charity’s in a pickle at the moment and a wedding isn’t going to make up for how she’s feeling.”

Could it be fate when the venue call to cancel?

“They call Charity to say there’s asbestos on the site, so they have to close it for health and safety reasons. Charity’s like, ‘No way is this wedding being postponed’ and she arranges for it to take place in a gazebo at Home Farm, which is basically a building site at the moment.”

Why does Cain try to talk her out of marrying Declan?

“Chas has told him about the abortion and he more or less agrees not to marry Moira if she won’t marry Declan. There’s a moment between them when they realise what could have been if they’d had the ability to sort things in their relationship. I won’t unveil what happens…”

Cain’s not the only one messing with Charity’s marriage, though…

“Robbie hasn’t got the rings. Declan thinks it’s a joke, but it’s not. Charity tells Megan they can use her ring, but then the alarm goes off at Home Farm and the registrar says, ‘I have another wedding to go to’. Charity looks at Megan’s wry smile and realises she’s behind it all. There is a slap – it’s a soap wedding, what do you expect!”

So, do Charity and Declan marry?

“Put it this way, if they do the marriage is doomed. You can’t continue to behave like Charity and not be brought to justice.”