Emmerdale’s Emma: ‘How big and how brilliant will Charity’s revenge be?’

Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins reveals to Soaplife what happens when the time bomb that has been ticking for more than a year finally goes off – and Charity finds out that her husband, Jai, is the father of Rachel’s son Archie!

How does Charity finally find out the truth?
“She notices that Sam is acting bizarrely around her for a start. Then Samson gets sick and Jai and Rishi decide it’s better if Archie stays with them. Charity doesn’t understand why every time something happens to Archie, Jai shows such paternal instincts.”

Rishi tries to cover Sam’s behaviour to Charity, doesn’t he?
“Yes. He tells Charity that Sam asked him if it was possible for Archie to call Sam ‘Dad’. Charity asks Sam about it and from his reaction, it’s clear he doesn’t know what she’s on about. On a subconscious level, Charity knows that Jai is Archie’s dad.”

Then she moves it to a very conscious level…
“She confronts Jai, Rachel and Sam together. It’s the most impossibly awkward moment when she has Jai and Rachel in the same room. Sam trips up and Charity realises that Rishi was lying. The situation starts unravelling and Charity goes into a wild rage. She slaps Rachel and then goes for Jai. If he had come to her and said, ‘I had a one night stand with Rachel and now she’s pregnant’ it wouldn’t have been so bad. It’s the fact that it’s a dirty secret that has gone on for so long.”

What will she do to Jai and Rachel?
“Cain and Debbie tell her she has to let this go and build her life up again, but she can’t do that; she has to get some sort of revenge. There’s maturity in letting go and moving on, but that’s not the way Charity deals with things.”

How does she deal with it?
“She gets so drunk, she tries it on with Cain! She’s lashing out and falling apart. She knows she shouldn’t. She wants to be proud and have people think she’s holding it together, but she lets it go and it’s horrible to watch.”

And her marriage to Jai?
“She wants to make Jai pay for what he’s done and moves out with Noah. I can’t see her forgiving him in a hurry. Now she’s just thinking ‘How big and how brilliant can my revenge be?’”


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