Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade: ‘Priya will use the baby to punish David!’

Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade reveals to Soaplife how Priya finds out David’s marrying Alicia – and a scan of their baby won’t stop him. But maybe something else will…

Priya’s pretty optimistic when David goes with her for their first baby scan. Why?
“She feels like the control is back in her corner. She still loves David and she thinks seeing their baby could sway him. They’re together and he’s really engrossed in the scan and excited about the baby. She believes that it might be the thing that makes him realise it is her he loves and not Alicia.”

So she tries to kiss him?
“She gets mixed up and reads too much into the situation. She’s dressed up, feeling good about herself and is hopeful that David’s going to choose her and their baby over Alicia.”
But he doesn’t…
“He rejects her and then tells her he’s marrying Alicia. It’s the worst thing she could imagine. How awful to be jilted almost at the altar and then see your ex marry somebody else so soon.”

Then she finds out Dom knew about the wedding before her…
“She’s not happy. It’s gutting to hear that an ex is getting married, but even worse when everyone else has known. Priya realises David’s been planning his wedding for weeks when all along she thought he might change his mind.”

And now that she knows he won’t?
“It’s going to be complicated. David’s never going to be out of her life now and, if she has to, Priya will use the baby to punish him. The baby is all she has got.”


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