Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade reveals how Priya’s anorexia endangers her baby

Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade tells Soaplife that Priya can’t eat – not even for her baby…

Priya ought to be eating for two right now but, instead, she is exercising slavishly and hardly eating a thing. Jai and Rishi have confronted her about the anorexia she dealt with as a teenager and when she is taken to hospital with stomach pains, they’re worried. “She has had issues with this in the past and her demons are coming back to torment her. But she doesn’t want help – she wants to get through this herself,” says Fiona. But can her baby survive this battle?

What can you tell us about Priya’s anorexia?
“It is her default setting. When Priya is stressed, her eating is the one thing she can control.”

How does Priya feel about her pregnancy?
“She is really overwhelmed. She’s not in a very good place and is suffering from low self-esteem. She is worried about the future and generally feeling mixed up. She is trying to appear excited, but deep down she is really struggling.”
She thinks she’s hiding her eating problem, but Jai’s noticed – and so has Leyla, hasn’t she?
“Yes. The Sharmas have this get-together with Brenda and Bob to show them the pictures of Molly in Canada. To take the spotlight off her not eating, Priya cooks the food. She prepares an enormous amount, but Leyla is watching her and can see she is not eating anything.”

What does Priya do when Leyla broaches the subject?
“It doesn’t go down well. Priya feels suffocated knowing that somebody is on to her. She is very defensive and they fall out over it.”

Then Priya’s rushed to hospital…
“Rishi finds her doubled up in pain and insists on getting her to hospital. It really scares her, but doctors say that everything is fine. That makes her think that she has things under control.”

Isn’t Priya worried about harming her baby?
“She is; she wants the baby to be OK. She does try to eat, she really does want to, but she can’t…”


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