Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye on Megan vs Charity: ‘There will be fireworks!’

Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye tells Soaplife how Megan has a few too many and mouths off in front of special guest Victoria Pendleton at the relaunch of Home Farm…

It’s time for the grand relaunch of Home Farm. Victoria Pendleton is coming and Jimmy’s wearing Lycra because of that, but one person is not happy and that’s Megan. She’s spitting bile over the fact that, thanks to Charity, she no longer owns a share of the business. “She’s very bitter, but she will have her revenge one day when the truth about Charity’s ‘miscarriage’ comes out,” Gaynor tells Soaplife.

How are things between Jai and Megan?  
“They’re in a strange place. Megan’s still involved with him romantically, but I’m not sure Jai’s motives are that well cut.”

Why is Megan going into business with Leyla?
“She has this wedding business, the contacts are all there and Leyla’s determined to team up with her. Megan admires the fire in Leyla. She respects strong women and thinks Leyla can bring a different energy to the business.”

So they’ll be a success?
“I think so, although they bring out the best and worst in each other. They don’t mince their words. Leyla’s quite gung-ho and goes around saying that they’re experts in everything. Megan’s wary – but it might bring in new and different business.”

And how are things betwen Megan and Declan?
“Very bitter. Megan can’t stand the fact that Charity used her miscarriage to her advantage and caused Megan to lose her business, her home and her brother. Megan wanted to be by his side, she loves Declan. He’s the most important man in her life apart from Robbie and she can’t believe he has fallen for Charity’s lies.”

What will happen when she finds out that Charity actually aborted her baby?
“That has to come out. There will be fireworks and God knows what Declan will do. People used to say, ‘Megan is such a cow’ when they met me, now they say, ‘Can’t wait to see you get Charity back’.”

Why does Megan go to the relaunch of Home Farm?
“Unknown to Megan, Leyla has sorted out a stall for them. Home Farm has Victoria Pendleton as a special guest and invites local businesses along and they are a local business. Charity is lording it up at the manor and Megan can’t believe what is going on in front of her eyes. She has a few too many glasses of champagne and speaks her mind…”