Emmerdale’s Gemma Oaten tells Soaplife how Rachel comes up with a plan to save Sam… But she can’t save herself from Charity.

What happens when Sam is arrested for arson?

“Sam wants to run away with Rachel and get married. At first, she doesn’t want to, but then she thinks it’s the best course of action. They’re talking about their plans for the future when the police turn up and arrest Sam.”

How does Rachel feel when Charity admits she framed Sam?

“Rachel knew that Charity was capable of a lot of things, but not setting up a member of her own family like this. She can’t believe that her hatred of Rachel runs so deep. It’s a double blow because Charity has duped the Dingle family, too.”

Can Rachel stop Charity?

“It’s difficult. Rachel’s savvy, but Charity is always that one step ahead of her. Every option she comes up with has already been covered by Charity. She and Sam are trapped.”

So Rachel turns to big sister Ali for help…

“She tells Ali, who thinks she can sort the whole thing out, but she has never come up against a force like Charity Dingle. She’s tempted to tell Jai, but their relationship is very complex. He has not been that supportive of her and she can’t see anything to gain by confiding in him.”

Then Charity offers Rachel a way of getting Sam freed. But it’s not going to have a happy ending, is it?

“No. It’s utterly heartbreaking. Rachel has to make a sacrifice to save Sam and it’s a big one. It will change everything.”