Emmerdale’s Gemma Oaten tells Soaplife that Rachel and Archie could be victims of Charity’s revenge…

Does Rachel blame Charity for being so angry?

“Rachel knows what she did is an awful thing to do to another woman, but she did try to own up several times, only to backed into a corner by Rishi and Jai. Now she just wants to move on and get on with her life.”

But will Charity let her?

“The trouble is, when Charity sees her and Samson, Sam and Archie together as a family, she goes nuts. Rachel’s never going to be able to get on with her life. Unfortunately, she is more trusting since she found love with Sam and that’s dangerous ground to be on when it comes to Charity.”

How big a support is Sam being to Rachel?

“Sam’s brilliant. There’s a lot of love between them. He sees things a lot more simply. He wants what’s best for Rachel and sees Archie as his own.”

What sort of Christmas is Rachel hoping for with Archie?

“She’s looking forward to Archie’s first Christmas and doesn’t want anyone to spoil it. She wants a lovely family time, but it all really starts to go wrong.”

It does… Tell us about the moment Charity aims her car at Rachel and Archie…

“She revs up the engine, but Rachel’s oblivious to this. If she were aware of it, she would drag Charity out of the car. It’s Lisa who sees and realises that Charity feels a lot worse than they all realised.”

We know you’re leaving next year… What can you tell us about your exit?

“I know what my exit storyline is and I’m so excited, but that’s all I can tell you. However, I can’t really contemplate going yet because there’s so much to come!”