Emmerdale Isabel Hodgins reveals to Soaplife the shock and fear Victoria feels when Val tells her she thinks she is HIV positive and dying…

Has Victoria noticed that something is up with Val?

“Yes. The thing about Val is, she wears her emotions on her sleeve. It used to be Amy’s job to worry about her, but now she has gone, Victoria has taken on that role.”


Why is Victoria so worried when Pollard gets the flu?

“She thinks that Pollard is really ill with more than the flu because Val is so worried about him.”


Then Victoria finds out he’s not…

“She hears him dancing and singing and then catches him putting the thermometer in his cup of tea. She realises then that he is not as ill as he is making out. Victoria urges him to confess to Val that he’s OK.”

Instead they split up!

“Victoria’s devastated. Eric sees Val with Ian and assumes she is having an affair. Victoria knows that after everything Val and Pollard have been through with Amy, having an affair would be ridiculous.”

And then Val tells Victoria the truth…

“She does and she is adamant that she has got HIV and is going to die. She also thinks she has given it to Eric. She is thinking it is the worst case scenario. Victoria is very grown up about it and tells Val to have a test. She explains that Val has to face facts, but Val is scared of seeing the words HIV Positive in black and white.”

How does Victoria try to help Val?

“She gives her some leaflets about HIV, but it doesn’t go down well as she does it in a public place. Val doesn’t want Victoria’s help and she burns the leaflets.”


Will Victoria tell Eric?

“If Val continues to refuse to tell him, I am sure Victoria will take matters into her own hands. She loves the pair of them and feels that Eric deserves to know the truth.”