Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley: ‘Cain produces a ring!’

Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley reveals to Soaplife just how serious Cain is about Moira… serious enough to want to marry her!

How long has Cain been planning his proposal?
“He hasn’t been mulling it over. It starts with an argument. It’s a flippant comment: ‘It’s not like we’re married though, is it?’ and it hits home and sits in the air. The pair of them get embarrassed by the fact that it’s a possibility. “

But Cain’s not giving up his life of crime…
“He wants to get money to save Moira from having to sell the farm and he calls an old mate he used to do jobs with. Cain thinks it’s a one-off, but his mate turns up with four other gang members and a drug dealer so Cain pulls out. Also, Moira phones him while he’s with these blokes and tells him she loves him.”

Ahhh… And?
“They’re both a bit embarrassed about what Moira said. At home Cain produces a ring and says, ‘Moira Barton, will you…’ then an intruder walks through the door and ruins the moment.”

Who is it?
“He’s from the dodgy job Cain was going to do. He’s turned up with a gunshot wound and Cain doesn’t want Moira to know the truth. Vanessa comes and removes a bullet – she really helps Cain out of a sticky situation.”

Will Cain go all soft because of Moira?
“No, the DNA of his character hasn’t changed. He’s still going to blow his top when he needs to. But he’s a more rounded character now.”

Would you like to see him settle down with Moira?
“Yes, but whether he does or not is another thing. Moira’s good for him. She’s fiery and will stand up to him.”
Like Charity… Does Cain still love her?
“The thing with them is, it will always be there. They are first loves and kissing cousins and they have Debbie. I don’t think you can ever write off Cain and Charity…”


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