Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley on Cain’s gamble to save Belle… and Zak

Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley reveals to Soaplife the desperate measures Cain takes to try to save Belle from herself – and Zak from another breakdown.

A life in jail is not what Cain wants for his little sister Belle, so he wades in with some strong arm tactics. “He takes her to the cliff where Zak lost it and says that if she pleads guilty, she’ll get a phone call saying ‘Your dad has killed himself’,” reveals Jeff. “At this point, Cain is desperate to get through to her.”

So, Cain doesn’t think Belle should plead guilty?
“He thinks she’s throwing her life away and he’s worried because Zak is showing signs of a breakdown again. Belle is not like the rest of the family, she’s the bright one, but now she’s following suit and Cain wants better for her. He’s desperate to change her mind.”

What makes him think Zak is cracking up?
“Cain finds Zak in the barn, holding onto this blanket. He’s lost the plot and is almost like he was on the cliff, when he started talking rubbish. Cain is shocked and it’s a catalyst to make him think that he has to do something to change Belle’s mind before it’s too late.”

Isn’t taking her to the cliff a bit over the top?
“No. He knows what it feels like to drive Zak to those extremes and he doesn’t want his little sister to be in the same position. He shows her the point where Zak was going to jump off. He’s not forceful with her. He’s just making a point. He sees it as the last roll of the dice.”

And does his gamble work?
“Cain drives Belle to court and, before Belle goes in, Cain whispers in her ear, ‘It’s down to you little sis’. But even if she changes her plea, she’s not necessarily going to get off because the charge is manslaughter. There’s a long road ahead.”

Are you enjoying working with Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle?
“I am. She’s no longer a child actor, she’s a mature actor and she’s fantastic. I think people forget that Belle is Cain’s little sister and it’s great to see them together like this.”



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