Emmerdale’s Joe Gill tells Soaplife about Finn’s near-death experience

When Finn Barton found out that his dad James fathered Moira’s son Adam, he thought that things couldn’t possibly get any worse. Wrong! A mystery man shows up, spikes Finn’s drink and tries to kill him. “Finn meets Brad, who’s is interested in Japan and travelling, like Finn is, and Finn fancies him,” Joe tells Soaplife. “But Brad’s a bad egg and, for some reason, he’s got it in for Finn…”

Why is Finn drinking so much?

“He’s so shaken up by what he saw on that tape at his birthday. He was so young when his mum left, he can’t remember her and now he’s wondering if she really is the person everyone says she is. Part of him also worries that she left because of him.”

What was it like for Finn growing up without a mum?

“He doesn’t know what he missed out on because Moira is the first female family influence he’s had in his life.”

Does he want to find his mum?

“Yes, he does. She has been mentioned so much recently that Finn is desperate to know what she’s like. Victoria [Isabel Hodgins] offers to help Finn find her, but they could be opening a can of worms.”

So, who is Brad?

“He turns up asking for Finn.  He bumps into him and happens to drop a travel guide for Japan and Finn realises that they have something in common.”


“Brad spikes Finn’s drink and he wakes up in hospital. It freaks him out. He has no idea that Brad has bundled him into a car and left him in a barn filling with toxic car fumes. He’s wiped his own finger prints, so it looks as if Finn has tried to kill himself.”

Who finds Finn?

“Cain and Pete [Anthony Quinlan]. They drag him out and call an ambulance. At the hospital, he’s treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. Finn’s in a state of shock when he wakes up. He doesn’t even remember going for a drink with Brad, let alone the rest of it.”

Does his family believe Finn tried to kill himself?

“They do until Cain [Jeff Hordley] explains that he was in Brad’s car. They then realise that Brad was behind it. Ross declares that he will find out who did this to his brother and get revenge.”

Ah, Ross. Is this down to him?

“That will be revealed shortly. It’s something to do with the dodgy jobs that Ross [Michael Parr] has been involved in.”

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